Infinitives can be connected with and without prepositions

The infinitiv is connected with the preposition de

Enfin il a arrêté de fumer.
  Finally he stopped smoking ('to smoke').
Il l' accuse de ne pas avoir fait son devoir.
  He accused him not to have done his duty.
Il a choisi d' aller en Italie.
  He decided to go to Italy.

The infinitive is connect with the preposition à

Il a appris à écrire.
  He learned to write.
Cela a contribué à aggraver le conflit.
  This has contributed to worsen the conflict.

The infinitive is connected without a preposition

Elle le regarde danser.
  She watches him dancing.
Il l' écoute faire de la musique.
  He listens to him making music.

Following we will give you a more complete list of verbs that use the different prepositions.

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